Latest Additions

We are constantly resourcing and manufacturing new products for the Farina range and here we showcase our latest products.

Draught Excluder-Steering Column


Knob - Air control


Clip-Fuel Pipe To Chassis


Finned Finisher (6) - Under Rear Lamp


Finned Finisher (7) - Under Rear Lamp


Disc Brake Conversion


Camshaft - New


Chrome Bezel-Headlamp


Interior Mirror Head - Small White


Interior Mirror Head - Small Grey


Interior Mirror Head - Oblong Grey


Interior Mirror Head - Large Grey


Clutch Kit 3 Piece New


Clutch Kit 3 Piece New


Indoor Car Cover - COSMOS Large


Indoor Car Cover - COSMOS Medium


Indoor Car Cover - COSMOS Small


Seal-Quarter Light-Front LH


Seal-Quarter Light-Front RH


Pivot Bracket - Accelerator


Bell Crank Lever - Accelerator


Fan Blade (6 Blade Plastic)


Rocker Cover-Polished Alloy with acylic badge


Heater Outlet-Cylinder Head


Union-Oil Gauge Connector